PicPost: In bed with the neighbour

What a lovely way to get to know the neighbours better, share a love of garden, feed families home grown produce and spur others onto similar projects. Nicely done!

Old School Garden


‘Two families made a shared vegetable garden from their front yards. They now share the produce & the maintenance. Would you do this with your neighbour?’

From: Growveg

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4 thoughts on “PicPost: In bed with the neighbour

  1. Yes! I would definitely do this. We used to be “sharecroppers” with our old neighbors when we didn’t have a yard, but I like the equal space idea. We don’t have the front yard space to do it but maybe we can make it happen in the back soon… thanks for sharing this!

    • Hi gardenjon,
      The first home I owned was a unit in a 10 unit complex. We fenced off a piece of ‘useless’ land behind the units and grew vegies and built a communal barbecue area. It was a great time in my life when we all took an interest in developing tomatoes and nurturing neighbours. I hope you get a chance to create a shared space garden soon. Be sure to let us know the details if you do.

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