Am I Learning or Just Confused??? When is the first day of the season again?

Googles home page animation (Fri 21st June in Australia) art by Christoph Niemann

Googles home page animation (Fri 21st June in Australia) art by Christoph Niemann

It was June 20, in Australia and I was up late. I noticed Googles daily home page animation had changed (and I had turned into a pumpkin). Very cute animation of a glove being knitted and forming the word “Google”. I have a soft spot for these, increasingly complex, animations and sometimes I even learn something.

This one I clicked on as I was totally confused. Remembering I’m in the Southern Hemisphere, I have been in Winter for a while now and here is this interesting tidbit which, when I hover over it, is titled “First Day of winter 2013”. What are they on about??? Well, it is only on the odd occasion that I do more than read who’s birthday it is or play with the animation button. Last night I clicked on the pic, which took me to a google search list with a short explanation. On most days and most Google daily pics, that is usually enough for me and I say to myself, “oh, I see” and continue merrily on my surfing way.

What clicking on Google icon goes to 21Jun13

What clicking on Google icon goes to 21Jun13

But last night “Today 21 June 2013 if you visit Google Search engines based in the Southern Hemisphere you will be greeted by the “First Day of Winter …” just didn’t curb my curiousity, so I clicked on the link and headed off to some car show website with a short article about the Google animation and how my Northern Hemisphere friends will be getting a “First Day of Summer” title. Der. But why are they saving it’s the first day of winter????

My virus protection tells me the link is quite safe so, without wanting to advertise some car show, here is the link for this ‘article’ so you know where I am coming from. I thought it would be a bit rude to just quote them without leaving the link. Up to you. Why this is the first link on Google is also a mystery. Isn’t marketing getting tricky these days?

Without being too sure of details, I get Winter Solstice and that somewhere on the other side of the world there will be a Summer Solstice occurring around the same time (wish I was there). A time for Shakespeare in the park and long days filled with Summer fun. However, what that has to do with the beginning of the season…I have no idea!

I flicked around a bit to see if I could find some references to clear up the confusion, but…it was late and my care factor was somewhat diminished. I decided Google was, for some unknown reason, just wrong today and toddled off to sleepy-bye-bows.

But…. (she has but face)
When I turn on my computer in the morning there it is, but now the title is “Winter Solstice”. I think to myself, “Self” I think, “There you go, they fixed it up. How unusual for Google to get it wrong like that”. Me being me though, just had to click on it, didn’t I….

The link still goes to the same place, with the search entered being, “First Day of Winter 2013” and there is a second link shown within the first ‘hit’ and entitled “Summer Solstice 2013: Why It’s the First Day of Summer”. This one is by National Geographic, so seems I’m on the trail of new learning and I am confident their explanation will set me straight.

Well, honestly, even with all the exciting information about playing and praying around Stonehenge and how there is going to be a super moon, for my Northern Hemisphere friends at least, I am still none the wiser.

My thinking is that there is a start to Winter, and the days continue to become shorter (despite any local weather conditions that might prevail, in my experience usually getting colder, though) until the days are as short as they are going to get. Winter then continues, but now slowly crawling out from the seemly interminable cold and damp with days becoming longer until at last Spring is heralded by longer days bringing with them that ‘light therapy’ that puts a smile on faces and brings nature alive.

So, I expect that, in the Northern Hemisphere, it is Midsummer that you are enjoying? Not the first day of summer?

What does Midsummer mean to you? Does Midwinter mean anything special in your country or your community?

Anyway, which ever way you look at it, here in Australia, I’ve been in winter since 1 June and am not interested in it starting again, thanks Google.

Would love to hear from friends across the planet as to how seasons are worked out in your country and what the weather is like where you live, especially if your days or your seasons don’t fit into my naive temperate thinking on weather and seasons.


3 thoughts on “Am I Learning or Just Confused??? When is the first day of the season again?

  1. I don’t think there is universal agreement as to what officially starts (or ends) a season. Many follow the path of the sun (solstices and equinoxes), some use calendar months (I fall into this category as, I believe, do you), while others use holidays as milestones. It is an interesting topic (and one that has inspired me to a future blog post). Thanks!

    • Hi and thanks for your comment.

      I was surprised that Google had “got it wrong” prior to finding that there was so much more to know about our tiny planet and the people on it.

      I look forward to your post when you publish.

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