Nice to be popular, but no thanks…. spammers and me don’t mix

Well, I don’t know whether to be impressed or upset. My fledgling blog has 60 comments (included my own) but:

Akismet has protected your site from 246 spam comments already.

dashboard re spam spam and more spam

dashboard re spam spam and more spam

I am happy that I am getting protected from the spammers, at least. WordPress seems to be one of the better providers, in my humble opinion.

I actually enjoy reading the spam comments as some of them are obviously spam with multiple links to seedy and commercial sites, etc. Others are, sadly, worded with treachery and pretending to be actually interested, pleased, angered or supportive of my posts.

When I write on someone else’s blog, I usually have more to say than, “Great blog. I am very interested in this topic” OR “This is strong in word. I am wonder you are is your own work?” Or even, “I instead used oregano and find it tasty also” (this one turned up on a blog post which had nothing to do with cooking, bit of a give away). However, sometimes I just want someone to know that I like what they wrote or how it is written. I take care now to make sure they know I actually read their post and my comment has no agenda.


7 thoughts on “Nice to be popular, but no thanks…. spammers and me don’t mix

  1. My question is what, really, are these spammers after? As a means of generating traffic on their own websites, it seems hugely inefficient (although I suppose it requires little input on their part). Thank goodness for askimet (good, I agree) and other spam filters.

  2. I review every comment before it is allowed to be posted to my blog comment section.
    Any comment with links are subject to editing and most of the time I simply strip out any links contained in a comment before allowing it to be posted in my comments section.
    Happy blogging

    • Thanks pobept,
      I’ll keep your hints in mind for when I get actually popular ;-). At the moment, as a new blogger, I have only people with interests in common with me and … lots of spammers, which is why the spam stands out so much.
      Blogging is fun, though a bit time consuming to do right, and making new friends and finding out new points of view is fun, too.

    • I went to a lot of blog sites when researching Bokashi, Wicking Gardens, Government and community organisations, etc, etc.

      I felt sorry for some people who had something interesting and important to say and the comments included rubbish.

      I guess some people might just not set their protections, but I think maybe some aren’t provided with the protections to start with.

      I have always (well, for the past year or two, anyway) been impressed with not only the quality of information and views that bloggers on WordPress provide, but also the amazing and wonderful community that live and learn together.

      Thanks for your comment

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