Bringing the joy – smiling and dancing the day away

I’m a big believer in bringing the joy everywhere you go. You really never know whose day you might make a little bit better just by being your happy self. On rare occasions, which you will never know about, this could be life saving, but on most occasions there will be a lift to the quality of life of those around you.

I once worked as a purchasing clerk in a factory and, often had to visit the various sections to verify their requirements, etc. I remember one overcast day that I was a little cranky about something and was just not having a happy day. Suddenly, from the factory I heard someone yell out, “Can you please smile, we want the sun to come back out”. It was not only an extremely touching compliment, it also snapped me out of my pity-pit and put the smile back.

Another example is of an aged-care facility. My Mum had dementia (among many medical conditions) and moved into a lovely, homely hostel. My youngest daughter was only about nine and always bought joy to her Grandma. Mum’s dementia often caused her to believe she had ‘lost the children’. This was a regular occurence as my Mum had spent her whole life caring for children as a sister, step-sister, nanny, housekeeper, mother of six and grandma. The hostel would contact me and my daughter would be sprung into action to save the day. All she needed to do was to walk in the door for Grandma to be settled and happy. The side effect of this was that all the residents and staff not only had a calm settle upon them because Mum had calmed down, but my little girl’s visit brightened their day, too.

I praised my precious girl for the great job she did and made sure she was aware that her visit would continue to make everyone’s life better long after she was home and tucked in bed. It was a huge responsibility for a little one to be the saviour of her Grandma, but she shouldered it with a smile.

There is no suggestion that you should cover your problems and not deal with them or let emotions mount up until you explode, but there is nothing to be gained by sharing your negative feelings with everyone on the planet. This usually just results in everyone telling you their problems, too, when you are least able to emotionally deal with the bombardment, let alone support them.

I would suggest you keep a few trusted companions that know your troubles just so you can off load. If these people are good listeners without being too actively involved in trying to solve the problems for you, you will be stronger for it.

It might seem all gooey and flowery to suggest that being happy makes you happy, but our bodies respond, when we stop focussing on negative emotions and allow some positivity to surge from within, and the relationships we have with those we work with, meet during the day, serve, care for or even just pass by are all improved. Some of these might even go on to be a little brighter with those that they meet. I know for sure that being around grumpy-drawers people all day sure brings me down, so why not the opposite? We choose the attitude we take to all life’s experiences.

It might be the most selfish, self-centred thing you could do today to smile, enjoy your day and not let anyone grind you down – no matter what!

This traffic cop in Manila, Phillipines is definitely bringing the joy:

Who brings the joy to your day?


4 thoughts on “Bringing the joy – smiling and dancing the day away

  1. I have to catch myself when I encounter someone who is cranky and remind myself it’s not about me, then I smile or comment on something nice about them, it changes the whole encounter to a positive one.

    • I remember going to a course called ‘boundaries’ at the local church. The speaker was using examples of frustrating activities like lining up to pay a bill in your lunch break or having a learner cashier at the supermarket. I asked, “what if you aren’t frustrated by these things?”. His reply, “You are lieing!”

      We are all made different, but I think it is just part of living to get used to the whole world not being just about the individual. If I do start feeling cranky, it is usually part of me (migraine, allergy, hormonal, etc) and I don’t take it out on those around me if I can help it. Life is short …. for everyone.

  2. Great philosophy and nicely presented. Nothing wrong with gooey and flowery! It’s all made up so why not make it up nice?

    Regarding the Manila traffic cop, are motorists supposed to follow his hands or his hips?

    • Hi Gardenengineer,

      Thanks for your kind words.

      I looked at a few videos of different traffic cops, all over the world, dancing their days away – some well, some not so.

      Some, like this one, are such a draw card for tourists that there are cops on duty directing foot traffic around them.

      I reckon the odd nervous driver might get confused, but am surprised how well he seems to be actually directing the traffic, too. Would need to keep your wits about you that’s for sure.

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