Scroll the Globe – Betr2 Awards for Notable Comments

BetR2 Scroll the Globe Award template with map
I am one of those people that will read all the comments on a post and am often inspired, educated, amused or bemused by them. The set of comments on any one post form a conversation, often that the commenters are unaware of.

Just as in all human communications, some open their mouths loudly and a cacophony of opinion very loosely based on the post fills the cyber air (perhaps based on some previously formed values, beliefs, biases or understanding that the commenter holds, or merely on the fact that they have seen this information before, therefore it must be right/wrong or indifferent):

  • Some yell in unison with the writer, drawn by whatever slant or bias the reporter puts on the information, and whole-heartedly agreeing, “so it shall be!”;
  • Some comment as the ‘devil’s advocate’, always in partial disagreement or in order to limit the viability of the writers argument;
  • Yet others seem to have read every detail of the post, investigated further and come back to increase the validity or share further information with the writer and their followers.
  • And then, there are those that just make a comment that takes me away from my in depth reading and takes me to some other place. Perhaps a light hearted comment in a discussion that has got a little out of hand or a shallow comment on a post that has tugged on the emotions of the audience.

On such social media as Facebook, I am always astonished that people don’t ‘get’ the discussion, but am very aware that this is often because the discussion itself is received and stored as if it is one of those concertina card wallets, that the comedians used in the old slap-stick comedy days (they open the wallet and the cards concertina to the floor). It is only if you click this and open that that you know the full story. Some respond directly to the post only, without ever going to the discussion at all.

Each to their own, and this is the nature of social media, but I find it to be a little like walking past the town meeting and shouting something in through the door based on the billboard out the front.

I find some comments, and posts, that are quite interesting and out of the ordinary as well as some throw away comments that I think are real gold.

I intend to bring these out of the mire of insignificance so they can receive the respect, mirth or exposure they deserve.

So, the inaugural award goes to the veiled depth, shallowness and complete irrelevancy of this comment on a quite heated and in-depth discussion:

“Too many people have opinions”


2 thoughts on “Scroll the Globe – Betr2 Awards for Notable Comments

    • Indeed! It is one of the most wonderful things about being in contact with so many across the globe. The opinion of others can drive us to rethink our biases and to look at everything from every angle. Don’t think there will ever be too many.

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