I just snorted – try not to laugh at this!

With all the carp around at the moment about toddlers learning to swipe I-Anything before they can speak; schools banning skipping and tip games in the playground because children “can’t deal with losing”, etc, etc, it is just beautiful to watch twin toddlers just having a ball the good old find-something-to-do way. Natural! Kids Rock!

… and YES, they could hurt themselves… that’s why we supervise our children while they play and learn.
…and NO, there is not an app for that!!!! Life get into it!

My tip: Mum won’t be able to keep these two out of the cupboards with rubber bands now, unless they continue to love this game and the cupboard never gets interesting.

Every time I saw my children opening cupboard doors I used to start singing a little preschool song:

Open, shut them
Open, shut them
Give a little clap!

Here’s some lovely children singing this at their preschool graduation:

(It is a bit loud to start… these are real children, they are like that. LOL)

Or maybe you’d rather see an adult sing it, as they’ll definitely get it right….

(This is nearly as cute as the twins! The background looks like he was actually on the children’s program, Playschool. No-one learned much that day…)

My children never got into the cupboards, they just played with the door. I doubt it would cure an addicted cupboard destroyer, but worked for me when they hadn’t already found out how much fun it is to empty a cupboard all over the floor. Was exceptionally good for visiting other people’s houses, which are rarely baby-proofed.

I used it on all visiting toddlers, too, with much success. Simple distraction. (that’ll work, even if it doesn’t work on those who have you completely wrapped around their tiny wee fingers and all the time in the world to catch you not looking)

My grand-daughter, when she visited as a toddler (she is nearly eight now), used to come in and do up all the child locks and admonish her Poppy for not doing his job. Too easy!

I was lucky to have children with gentle personalities, but it is always worth doing things the ‘easy’ way first. Who knows; it might work, and you might not need to fight children on every issue. You can pick your battles.

It is okay to be creative and come up with solutions. Okay for children and parents, both!


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