Where are the burgers better? Locals turn out to save an icon from corporate strong arm tactics

Wambie Whopper, a small fast food restaurant that has operated for many years at Wamberal, a lovely little seaside suburb on the East Coast of Australia, has been threatened by Hungry Jacks (Burger King).
Wambie Whopper front window
The family business, which has operated for many years, received a letter telling them to stop using the word “whopper”.

The locals are not having a bar of it!!!!
CC Express Newspaper cover Wednesday Nov 6 2013
Supporters not connected to the store apart from by loyalty started a social media campaign which received over 10000 followers in the first day. Click here to go to the supporters page.
People from across the Central Coast of NSW; across the state, the country and even from overseas are sending their support to Wambie Whoppers and their distaste to Hungry Jacks for their perceived strong arm tactics.
Keep calm and save Wambie Whopper
Many locals met at Wambie Whoppers to show support (and order the iconic Wambie Whopper burger). Here’s a little tune some supporters made up.

As a loyal long-term customer of Wambie Whopper, I hope that common sense prevails and our local institution survives the onslaught. 

I’ve often driven on a whim, from wherever I am, just to enjoy one of their burgers.

I would never confuse this burger with the ones Hungry Jack’s serve.


6 thoughts on “Where are the burgers better? Locals turn out to save an icon from corporate strong arm tactics

  1. The folks at Wambie Whopper should probably not be holding their collective breath. While living in Santa Cruz, California in the late 1980s, I was dumbfounded when a local vegetarian restaurant called McDharma’s was forced by McDonald’s to change its name, based on Mickey D’s contention that consumer confusion would result if they did not. (The upstarts made the most of it by placing a red circle with a slash, the symbol for “no”, over the “Mc” before eventually changing their name to Dharma’s.) Wambie’s use of the trademarked “Whopper” seems less secure.

    • There is some legal opinion that there may be a case because their business predates the trademark of the word Whopper.

      However, it is more a matter of a huge corporation leaving a small local alone, because that would be better business than the current uproar.

      The fact that a whopper should be a whopper probably doesn’t enter into legal argument. (tongue in cheek)

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  3. Thank you for your support. I started the Facebook page after seeing Maree Dean’s post last Sunday night.

    My initial reaction was this was a ridiculous, petty move by HJ’s, that there was no way these guys could win an IP fight against a giant, that this could ruin the business that a sweet Cambodian family run BUT that it was a dud PR move by Hungry Jack’s. I’m a strong believer that PR and law speak very different languages.

    Started the Facebook page, was overwhelmed by the response on Monday (Wamberal’s population is only 6000!). I enlisted the help of Jeff- a local firery and vegetarian – who very graciously helped organise the cashmob and acted as a spokesperson for the group.

    We ran it fast as we knew media would only sustain interest for a short time, we needed to maximise our voice if we wanted to be heard.

    Other than a lovely little store being left alone, it was also good in that it empowered people who have never felt empowered. Some people said they felt more united than they have in a while. It also highlighted the need to support local small business. HJ’s did the right thing by their business by backing down. Thank you for being involved and helping this fight. We won!

    • Thanks for dropping by and sharing your story with us here, Matt. I saw the original post when the letter was received and followed with interest.

      Community united is the aim of my game and, as I wasn’t able to get out to join the crowd on Wednesday, I felt drawn to do what I could to spread your positive and supportive message on Facebook and here.

      We all did our bit and you went above and beyond.

      Thanks again

  4. Went in to buy a Wambie Whopper today. As we walked in the door, both hubby and I said, “Wow, how good do those salads look!”.

    Left with Chicken Caesar, Pasta and Tabbouleh salads. YUM!

    Love Wambie Whopper!

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