What did Facebook leave out of your feed this year?

Holiday time to check Fb profilesWith festivities over for the year and a few precious moments to spend, I popped over to my niece’s Facebook profile and scanned the entries. I was looking for a particular post from a few months ago, but was blown away by the many wonderful posts and pictures that I had not seen.

I wonder how Facebook decides which posts I should see? Is there an algorithm which decides that a post includes a word that makes it worth passing on to those who are in contact often? Or do I just get any random 10% of the posts of my loved ones?

I love and appreciate the opportunity to be in contact with people that I may not be able to catch up with in person or over the phone often. However it is important to be aware, if you are a sometimes Facebook user or not particularly computer savvy especially, that the Facebook machine cannot know what is in your heart. You must physically go to the profiles of those that you care about and find out what they have had to say. Likewise, if you are not liking and commenting on these posts, you can be guaranteed that Facebook is not letting these people know that you said anything either.

I understand that Facebook is trying to discourage passive use, but Aunties and Uncles, Grandparents and Golden Friends often just like to see the family photos and know what is happening in our lives.

There are many using Facebook that don’t even need to play the cute cat videos or respond to the “If I need a hug, I wonder how many friends would hug me” posts.

Merry Christmas to all!


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