Aging Baby Boomers Video – a Walt Toon Animation

A truly disrespectful look at my generation. At least we can still laugh at ourselves!

I always like to find the originator of media that I add here. However, it appears that the original video has been removed or archived as links to it do not work. I will happily stand corrected if anyone can give me a working link to the original upload of this work. At least this uploader has given Walt Handelsman full credit.

I have found a website for Walt Handelsman at and found an index of his animations there. (There are lots more laughs on all sorts of subjects) However, the link listed there appears to be to Newsday weblog and does not work. The original video was apparently uploaded in 2007 as part of an Newsday editorial by Walt Handelsman.

PS I did not do the things attributed to my age group in the video – then or now, but I am on the slippery slope which aging is and I’m just trying to enjoy the ride.


Your comments are welcome!

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