Heatwave Overload



2 thoughts on “Heatwave Overload

  1. That’s a good thought about cutting back on something that others might need more of. Now with each year setting records as the hottest ever, I sometimes wonder if people realize that we are robbing from future generations. I wonder if we can appeal to the better natures of people to cut back on our carbon emissions so our grand children’s generations will be able to cope with the planet we give them.

    • I grew up in a home with a metal roof, no insulation; stinking hot in summer and freezing cold in winter. We put a bowl of ice in front of the electric fan to cool the air and sat around a kerosene heater to keep warm. We were fine, but I know many elderly die due to the heat and many can’t afford the electricity or don’t have effective cooling appliances. When public facilities are provided (or when parents provide) human nature seems to take it to extremes. We, generally, do not connect our private or business actions with their effect on our community or the earth. Luckily there are many who do not fit the generalisation and are prepared to appeal to the better natures of others. We all live and learn, so change is always possible.

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