Pure simple Joy just broke the internet

In a world of “whatever” it is an absolute pleasure to experience someone with true joy in their heart and no obvious agenda. Candace Payne is a real person sharing a moment of joy in her life, and the world is eating it up!

Candace Payne I want to share something I got

This is not the video but will link to it. Apologies to Candace for this screen shot.

Mark Zuckerberg invited Candace to Facebook headquarters to celebrate when her video reached 141 Million views. They had a fun surprise for her: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10102853439855451&set=pcb.10102853441182791&type=3

She was also on Good Morning America and I am sure her video is going to have a lot more views before it slows down.

As the most watched Facebook Live video Candace’s video, which is just a lady full of life, sharing something that made her happy, has outdone all those often attention-seeking, dirty or just plain silly internet-breaking videos that have gone before.

Thank you Candace for bringing some simple joy to all your, “friends on the internet webs.” I laughed as loudly and strongly as Candace herself and was wiping away the tears minutes later.

This video made my day.

If you haven’t seen Candace’s Live Facebook video yet, here is a link to it: Candace Payne “It’s the simple joys in life…” video


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