Jane Goodall “I felt at one” Earth Day 2018

Earth Day 2018. Jane Goodall explains her connection to the earth.

Hope everyone has a chance to feel ‘at one’ in their lives. I know I have and I yearn for it whenever I am separated from the soil, the garden, the bush, the sea, wildlife and the list goes on.


RIP Bill Mollison The Father of Permaculture

I think of Bill Mollison every day. He is my garden, my food, my inspiration, my past and my future. RIP The Father of Permaculture. You will be missed!


The Best Teachers Change Your Life!

Best teachers show you where to look not what to see 446 x 296

I feel privileged to have had just a few teachers who have helped me find the best person I can be. Not least of these was my own Mother.

What good learning experiences have you had because of quality teaching?

Seattle’s enviable environmental muscle

A few interesting positive snippets about Seattle’s “environmental muscle”. I am, as always, impressed by Seattle’s continuing forward thinking environmental action.

Cow Burps - A UK-based environmental economics blog

Once again Seattle, Washington is flexing its large, environmental muscle – one that not only seems to be superior in terms of size, but also seems to have the enviable ability to trigger movement and action in both the local and state governments.

In Seattle, it is now illegal to throw away food with rubbish (it has already been illegal, for several years, to throw away recyclable items with rubbish). This comes as a pumped-up version of mandates for composting that already exist in places such as San Francisco, Vancouver, and Vermont. The difference, however, is that Seattle homeowners failing to comply will be penalised directly, after being warned once – a warning displayed publicly with a large, red tag around the offender’s rubbish bin. These red tags also double as a public education campaign about the new law on recycling and composting.

While the establishment of this policy is…

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I love treefrogs and I love optical illusions, too!

People can do some amazingly creative things when they work together!

Here, I have located the video so you can appreciate the complexity of their creation.

What is your favourite art work made from humans? Perhaps we could create a collection of creations?

I am preferably looking for the ‘making of’ videos, where possible, as they show the amazing collaboration, patience and skill involved in creating these momentary masterpieces.

Global Truth – Governments Break Promises

So, the gist of the news in Australia today is – the government made a promise that there would be no broken promises?

Excellent; that’ll stick!

Why are we still surprised by this stuff!!!!


Traveller’s IQ Challenge – Betr2KnowOurPlanet

Here’s a bit of fun. See how you go with pinpointing countries, cities and places of interest on the world map.

You can show your skills on the whole planet or various sections of it. Great for kids of all ages.

You can play this Travelpod game on TripAdvisor


I love TripAdvisor for travel reviews and forums. Click here to go to their home page and have a look around.