No craze like the old craze; Facebook Go!

Facebook Go


Now that’s a safety briefing! Hilarious air hostess!

Now that’s a safety talk….. Every passenger listened to every word.

Global Truth – Governments Break Promises

So, the gist of the news in Australia today is – the government made a promise that there would be no broken promises?

Excellent; that’ll stick!

Why are we still surprised by this stuff!!!!

We’re not dead yet; we’re feeling better…

As a person who can attribute most of my warped sense of humour to this group of men, I am over the moon to hear that they are reuniting for at least one show.

Young Monty Python crew. Source BBC.

Young Monty Python crew. Source BBC.

What memories do you have of the comedy of Monty Python?

Read more about the reunion and a little about the life and times of the members of the Monty Python crew.