The words are there for those who cannot read the pictures; Unsung Hero

A touching Thai ad which asks, “…and in your life? What is it you desire most?”

Enjoy the video and let me know how it makes you feel.

You own your story – starting the New Year with a clean slate

You own your story – starting the New Year with a clean slate

Happy New Year 2014 clean slate

Happy New Year 2014 clean slate

I’m giving myself this advice*, thought I’d share with you.

No matter what you are up against; no matter the worries that hold you down; no matter what external or internal pressures you are feeling:

  • Make the most of what you have. Whether your problems are physical, spiritual, financial or judicial; take stock and you will be surprised what you can do within your abilities.
  • Try to look forward more than backward. The lessons you have learned are important and equip you to move forward
  • Find your passion and take steps toward it. You might not feel you can achieve your goals immediately, but learning more, joining groups of like-minded people, looking into courses, finding out if there is assistance available, etc might just get you closer and will give you more chances to develop a support network.
  • Be flexible but don’t bend over backwards. Sometimes, if you are a caring person, there are people that will simply take advantage. Their needs are wants and they will never be happy with all you can give. Don’t bother putting your foot down too hard (that surprises people and tantrums often ensue); simply offer to do that “Sunday next week”. You’ll be surprised what they can do quite well for themselves.
  • Find time for yourself but avoid the private pity pit. Too much introverted self assessment and dwelling on the negative thoughts in your head can send you on a downward spiral. I used to always say I would go into a corner for three days and come out fighting, but the troubles I have experienced in the past several years have well and truly put paid to that idea. There is a long drop waiting if you let yourself go there.
  • Do things for others but without hoping for a reaction or reward – charity works are great to build yourself up and someone else, too.
  • Spend time with others. Helps to keep perspective and just being with people can sometimes lift your mood and help you heal.
  • Do not test others; they too are dealing with their own life struggles. We are all in this together.
  • Accept that you are going to be disappointed easily when you aren’t feeling that chipper. Try not to let the feelings bring you undone. You’ve been through a lot and you know you are going to get through this, too. Be gentle with yourself, but firm!
  • If you can’t smile; fake it. Just smiling can make you feel happier and will certainly get a better reaction from passers by than a glum face. Who knows, you might be making their day, too?
  • Giving up is not an option.

Every day: learn something; do something for yourself; do something for someone else.

I am not a person who makes New Year resolutions. I find they often fail and, when I am feeling down and out and need to turn over a new leaf (pardon the cliché bombardment), I want to give myself the best chance of succeeding. However, every little bit counts toward a happier and fuller future. Failure just means you tried. Try again or try something else. Make excuses to experience all you can from life instead of making excuses not to do things. (Sometimes clichés work for me – little sayings to keep me positive)

Happiness, Sunshine and Positivity to you!!!

*Note: This advice is meant for me and I don’t profess to be qualified to give advice to anyone else. Just sharing my journey.

Do not act in silence – let the world know; they might very well agree

  • Whether you agree with the sentiment or not;
  • Whether you believe that this is an appropriate way for a church to speak publicly;
  • Whether you find fault in the use of a diety as a supposed writer;
  • You must agree that this church has a point of view which they follow through on.


A local church is glad to put their actions into words for the world to see.

A local church is glad to put their actions into words for the world to see.

Find them on facebook – click here.
They openly welcome all people into their congregation and, most importantly, despite your or the greater church community’s opinion, are proud to display their actions for the world to see, they do not act in silence.

It inspired me (not by the actual message, though that is something I agree with) to say, “Sometimes actions speak louder IN words!”. If you are acting in a certain way you should speak up.

For some it is walk the talk, but many quietly go about their business and good deeds never knowing that their actions might inspire and empower others to do the same. They don’t talk the talk at all; they walk the walk in silence.

Whether you are following your own values or that of the community, country or the world, bravely let others know.

Who knows, some may even have been quietly agreeing all along.

Bringing the joy – smiling and dancing the day away

Bringing the joy – smiling and dancing the day away

I’m a big believer in bringing the joy everywhere you go. You really never know whose day you might make a little bit better just by being your happy self. On rare occasions, which you will never know about, this could be life saving, but on most occasions there will be a lift to the quality of life of those around you.

I once worked as a purchasing clerk in a factory and, often had to visit the various sections to verify their requirements, etc. I remember one overcast day that I was a little cranky about something and was just not having a happy day. Suddenly, from the factory I heard someone yell out, “Can you please smile, we want the sun to come back out”. It was not only an extremely touching compliment, it also snapped me out of my pity-pit and put the smile back.

Another example is of an aged-care facility. My Mum had dementia (among many medical conditions) and moved into a lovely, homely hostel. My youngest daughter was only about nine and always bought joy to her Grandma. Mum’s dementia often caused her to believe she had ‘lost the children’. This was a regular occurence as my Mum had spent her whole life caring for children as a sister, step-sister, nanny, housekeeper, mother of six and grandma. The hostel would contact me and my daughter would be sprung into action to save the day. All she needed to do was to walk in the door for Grandma to be settled and happy. The side effect of this was that all the residents and staff not only had a calm settle upon them because Mum had calmed down, but my little girl’s visit brightened their day, too.

I praised my precious girl for the great job she did and made sure she was aware that her visit would continue to make everyone’s life better long after she was home and tucked in bed. It was a huge responsibility for a little one to be the saviour of her Grandma, but she shouldered it with a smile.

There is no suggestion that you should cover your problems and not deal with them or let emotions mount up until you explode, but there is nothing to be gained by sharing your negative feelings with everyone on the planet. This usually just results in everyone telling you their problems, too, when you are least able to emotionally deal with the bombardment, let alone support them.

I would suggest you keep a few trusted companions that know your troubles just so you can off load. If these people are good listeners without being too actively involved in trying to solve the problems for you, you will be stronger for it.

It might seem all gooey and flowery to suggest that being happy makes you happy, but our bodies respond, when we stop focussing on negative emotions and allow some positivity to surge from within, and the relationships we have with those we work with, meet during the day, serve, care for or even just pass by are all improved. Some of these might even go on to be a little brighter with those that they meet. I know for sure that being around grumpy-drawers people all day sure brings me down, so why not the opposite? We choose the attitude we take to all life’s experiences.

It might be the most selfish, self-centred thing you could do today to smile, enjoy your day and not let anyone grind you down – no matter what!

This traffic cop in Manila, Phillipines is definitely bringing the joy:

Who brings the joy to your day?