Seattle’s enviable environmental muscle

A few interesting positive snippets about Seattle’s “environmental muscle”. I am, as always, impressed by Seattle’s continuing forward thinking environmental action.

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Once again Seattle, Washington is flexing its large, environmental muscle – one that not only seems to be superior in terms of size, but also seems to have the enviable ability to trigger movement and action in both the local and state governments.

In Seattle, it is now illegal to throw away food with rubbish (it has already been illegal, for several years, to throw away recyclable items with rubbish). This comes as a pumped-up version of mandates for composting that already exist in places such as San Francisco, Vancouver, and Vermont. The difference, however, is that Seattle homeowners failing to comply will be penalised directly, after being warned once – a warning displayed publicly with a large, red tag around the offender’s rubbish bin. These red tags also double as a public education campaign about the new law on recycling and composting.

While the establishment of this policy is…

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Where are the burgers better? Locals turn out to save an icon from corporate strong arm tactics

Where are the burgers better? Locals turn out to save an icon from corporate strong arm tactics

Wambie Whopper, a small fast food restaurant that has operated for many years at Wamberal, a lovely little seaside suburb on the East Coast of Australia, has been threatened by Hungry Jacks (Burger King).
Wambie Whopper front window
The family business, which has operated for many years, received a letter telling them to stop using the word “whopper”.

The locals are not having a bar of it!!!!
CC Express Newspaper cover Wednesday Nov 6 2013
Supporters not connected to the store apart from by loyalty started a social media campaign which received over 10000 followers in the first day. Click here to go to the supporters page.
People from across the Central Coast of NSW; across the state, the country and even from overseas are sending their support to Wambie Whoppers and their distaste to Hungry Jacks for their perceived strong arm tactics.
Keep calm and save Wambie Whopper
Many locals met at Wambie Whoppers to show support (and order the iconic Wambie Whopper burger). Here’s a little tune some supporters made up.

As a loyal long-term customer of Wambie Whopper, I hope that common sense prevails and our local institution survives the onslaught. 

I’ve often driven on a whim, from wherever I am, just to enjoy one of their burgers.

I would never confuse this burger with the ones Hungry Jack’s serve.

San Francisco Happenings: An Empty Lot Blossoms into a Beautiful Community Art Garden

This is a brilliant record of a community garden from woe to go. I am hoping to do something similar for Equilibrium Future Solutions amazing Natural Gardens which we have enjoyed watching emerge from nothingness.

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A sunny warm San Francisco Saturday unfolded like a picnic blanket on the grass at Dolores Park.

Today’s main event was a Alice in Wonderland themed tea party fundraiser for the Please Touch Community Garden, a creative space that was founded by one of my dearest friends, GK Callahan, artist and MFA student at the California College of the Arts.

I can still remember in January 2010, when GK and I, were vacationing in Mexico, and he received the news that he had the green light to plant this seed of a project. His vision was expansive- to turn a run down, needle-strewn vacant lot across the street from City Hall, into a community garden, when everyone, including the blind community from the LightHouse for the Blind across the street could come and enjoy the sun.

Above: A photo of artist GK Callahan and myself in 2011 at the lot.

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