Farewell Shirley; Never Forgotten

I spent many hours as a child watching Shirley Temple movies. I never tired of seeing that positive, talented little sprite.

Rest well; you have bought joy and inspiration to millions.



Still led like sheep to shops

I first heard RedGum at Narara ’83, the Australian Central Coast’s answer to Woodstock.

Even after all these years, this song still rings with simple truth…. we are fodder for commercial profit.

Some of the names have changed, but we are still chasing the products that will supposedly make us happy.

We’re not dead yet; we’re feeling better…

As a person who can attribute most of my warped sense of humour to this group of men, I am over the moon to hear that they are reuniting for at least one show.

Young Monty Python crew. Source BBC.

Young Monty Python crew. Source BBC.

What memories do you have of the comedy of Monty Python?

Read more about the reunion and a little about the life and times of the members of the Monty Python crew.


Giddy Giddy Gout – What’s that about?

While watching cricket, my husband and I were discussing the positioning of the bowlers foot that would deem the ball to be a ‘no ball’. The conversation deteriorated into a bit of silliness with ins and outs. To my surprise, Jeff then came out with, “in and out like Giddy, Giddy, Gout”.

I asked him about it and he couldn’t recall, just that his Dad used to say it. He thought it was from a nursery rhyme. As I am the knower of all old stories, nursery rhymes, etc in our house, I had to say it wasn’t one I remembered! Off to Google….

The video is of a song by a New Zealand Band called B-Side, but it is catchy and includes the rhyme. It also brought back some memories of my childhood walking to school and crossing the railway tracks in the days when trains moved slower and billowed steam. Enjoy!

Does anyone know any history or stories regarding the rhyme? What part of the world does it come from?