Traveller’s IQ Challenge – Betr2KnowOurPlanet

Here’s a bit of fun. See how you go with pinpointing countries, cities and places of interest on the world map.

You can show your skills on the whole planet or various sections of it. Great for kids of all ages.

You can play this Travelpod game on TripAdvisor

I love TripAdvisor for travel reviews and forums. Click here to go to their home page and have a look around.



Butterflies Everywhere!

I have always been attracted to butterflies, not in a deep spiritual or studious way, but probably in the same way as many people are; a momentary pause to life whenever one flutters into frame, a desire to have them drawn to my presence and even to sit peacefully on me before resuming their busy short lives. A part of my general awe of nature, but never part of my endeavours.

Although I had, for years, wished that I could keep an avairy of these beauties, I had long ago realised that the practicalities of such a venture would make it not a viable activity in my climate and in my life. As with most life, I would prefer to observe than to detain, so the thought of keeping such beauty captive would always deter my scheming toward that end.

I was inspired to search for places that butterflies can be found, in numbers and in the wild, while watching episode 6 of a new Australian TV Show called Reef Doctors.

I’ve included the link to Reef Doctors website on Channel 11, but doubt that you will see much there. I was unable to play the few episodes that had already aired and the buzz is that the series will be shelved. We have loved Lisa McClune in every show she has been in, so are sorry to hear this.

Anyway, we were watching this show which depicted some tourists heading off to Butterfly Grotto on the ficticious island on which the show is set. I said to my husband, Jeff, “you make the cup of tea and I’ll find some real ‘butterfly grottos’ we could visit. If they are in other countries, we’ll just have to go there”. If only it was that easy, but by the power of Google, lets head off to explore some spectacular butterflies on the wing.

just a few butterflies everywhere Manu National Park

Toro River, Manu National Park, Peru: You must follow the link to see the photo. It is spectacular! Almost makes me want to do the washing next camping trip!

The Valley of the Butterflies in Rhodes Island, Greece:

If you live or are travelling in the UK, the Wildlife Trust page, Woodland Butterflies will have you some ideas of where to begin your search for butterflies. You can even download a pdf file of 40 place to look.

The film clip In The Company of Wild Butterflies is just a free taste. There is a 43 minute documentary available for sale. I have no affiliation with Bullfrog Films, just love butterflies.

If you are a budding photographer, you may like some pointers from this article about Photographing Butterflies in the Wild. There are some ideas of how to find out where the butterflies might be found and nice butterfly pictures on the page to illustrate the article, also.

The Butterfly Website has comprehensive lists of butterfly gardens and exhibits across the world. Even though I was trying to find wild butterfly places for you, many of these establishments are deeply involved in the conservation of their local butterfly breeds and therefore I would be remiss if I didn’t share this information. After all, when we are travelling, not all of us are going to be dashing off into the bush with our SLR, some are looking for family activities on the beaten track.

Born to be King

And, just for fun, the one that is born to be king surrounded by beautiful butterflies.

Travelling? Tripadvisor – Great site to help you on your way.

Tripadvisor is a great site where real people talk review, advise, assist and talk about everything to do with travel, anywhere in the world. This link is to the top 25 attractions in the world as decided by travellers.

Tripadvisor Travellers Choice Awards

Tripadvisor Travellers Choice Awards

There are many other award lists to look at, too. Maybe you would like to see only the best islands or the best hotels?

I cannot stress how highly I recommend this site. No matter if you want to get away for a fairly local weekend trip or you want to see the world, you will find reviews, forums and listings for everything you will need to enjoy your travels. You will also find contributors that are ‘local experts’ (usually for the places they live) and, if you were to add a forum thread for your upcoming trip, perhaps a tentative itinery, you will find many helpful people will share their experiences and help you make the most of your trip.

We visited New Zealand on our first anniversary. We were only there for a week and had a friend to visit as well in that short time. We had no idea of what was what or where in New Zealand and would very most likely have had a good time but would have missed many out-of-the-way or on-the-way attactions that we were guided to by Tripadvisor members. We were even given suggestions that meant we got to see more in a short time and to avoid pitfalls (with car hire, touristy places, etc).

You could research places to go on the internet and then simply go to Tripadvisor and ask what people know of a place, activity or attraction before booking. We ended up spending our anniversary in a lighthouse; visiting hot springs other than the known tourist venues; flying from one island to the other (to visit our friends) and coming back by ferry with car hire rates calculated on the two hires; being able to book some accomodation and wing the rest as we had plenty of ideas on places to stay.

If you have a good or a bad experience while you are travelling, you can ensure other travellers know about it (It is people like you that make this site so good).

And, if all that isn’t enough, there is even a Travel IQ Test which is a bit of fun. I quite enjoy testing myself on where the countries of the world are located in this game. It can get as tricky as you want as you work through levels for the capital cities of countries, landmarks, concentrate on particular regions, etc.

World Challenge game on Tripadvisor

World Challenge game on Tripadvisor

Happy Travels!