The original Beverley Hillbillies show

In Australia, we grew up watching the Beverley Hillbillies series. It brings back memories of coming in from climbing trees and using fallen trees to cross creeks to sit down and watch this show with the family or with friends, probably while hoeing into some of Mum’s home baked cake.

The show touched our hearts and made us laugh with the story of this family who struck it rich in oil and moved to the highfalutin’ Beverley Hills area full of, “movie stars; swimming pools”. Their wide-eyed amazement at the way the other half lived was balanced with the way that the family did not change who they were just because they had more money now. Their trousers were still held up by rope and Granny still ran an unqualified doctor’s room out of the parlour. They retained their simple ways and family values.

I remember when Mr Drysdale, their banker and neighbour, was going to make a fortune out of Granny’s cure for the common cold. After many stories of proven healing the cure boiled down to taking Granny’s concoction and then drinking plenty of fluids and getting bed rest and the cold will be gone in a 10 days. Miracle!!! You often saw Granny making lye soap out by the cement pond (swimming pool) and the acrid fumes raised the ire of the neighbours.

Jethro Bodine, a veteran of primary school education, amazed with his nieve solutions but the family looked up to him as he was the most educated.

Elly May was always cooking lovely cakes. Well they looked lovely, but the cakes were always solid and inedible. She seemed to have no idea that she was pretty and she could throw anyone over her shoulder if they got out of line.

Uncle Jed was a real gentleman and he always had a huge wad of cash in his pocket. That was his, “walking around” money. I remember one episode where a conman sold him all the iconic buildings, etc. Each cheque that he needed to write was made out to a different long-winded company name and all could be abbreviated to C.A.S.H. You could always see Jed on the front stoop wittlin’ wood.

Here’s is the theme song and the closing song for each episode. Who knows the words?

What else do you remember from this series?

Do you have a favourite show that you remember from your childhood?

Fair Trading Warning re exploding Butane Cookers

Fair Trading Warning re exploding Butane Cookers

Fair Trading NSW have issued a public warning regarding butane cookers. This is not one particular model. They have listed some brands and models in the warning. This warning comes after testing of these cookers was undertaken.

I wonder what authorities in your area are saying about these?

Read the Fair Trading NSW public warning here:

Butane Cooker - photo from Fair Trading NSW


NSW Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe said, “If these products malfunction they can potentially cause serious injuries and I’d encourage people to stop using them.”

Edible City Vision


Another city feeding their community locally and adding good policy to keep food front and centre.

Originally posted on The Root Of It All:

Here is an inspiring video about the food strategy in Vancouver.

Imagine a city where food is abundantly growing in yards, public spaces, urban farms, and schools.  Growing fresh, local produce meets a basic human need that ensures security and equity for all.  Designing our spaces to efficiently produce food creates a thriving and sustainable community through strengthening local economy and resources. It raises awareness and respect for the environment.

Here in Portland The Mayor’s Food Initiative works to improve health and sustainability of food systems in our community. It supports many of the initiatives of other organizations. The Edible East Bayside project is transforming the Bayside Trail into an edible food forest. Among many events, the Resilience Hub + Portland Maine Permaculture teach permaculture design courses and organize permablitz’ to turn people’s yards into self-producing food forests.  Cultivating Community provides food systems education in schools and to members of the New American farmer’s program. They…

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Seattle’s enviable environmental muscle


A few interesting positive snippets about Seattle’s “environmental muscle”. I am, as always, impressed by Seattle’s continuing forward thinking environmental action.

Originally posted on Cow Burps - A UK-based environmental economics blog:

Once again Seattle, Washington is flexing its large, environmental muscle – one that not only seems to be superior in terms of size, but also seems to have the enviable ability to trigger movement and action in both the local and state governments.

In Seattle, it is now illegal to throw away food with rubbish (it has already been illegal, for several years, to throw away recyclable items with rubbish). This comes as a pumped-up version of mandates for composting that already exist in places such as San Francisco, Vancouver, and Vermont. The difference, however, is that Seattle homeowners failing to comply will be penalised directly, after being warned once – a warning displayed publicly with a large, red tag around the offender’s rubbish bin. These red tags also double as a public education campaign about the new law on recycling and composting.

While the establishment of this policy is…

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Aging Baby Boomers Video – a Walt Toon Animation

A truly disrespectful look at my generation. At least we can still laugh at ourselves!

I always like to find the originator of media that I add here. However, it appears that the original video has been removed or archived as links to it do not work. I will happily stand corrected if anyone can give me a working link to the original upload of this work. At least this uploader has given Walt Handelsman full credit.

I have found a website for Walt Handelsman at and found an index of his animations there. (There are lots more laughs on all sorts of subjects) However, the link listed there appears to be to Newsday weblog and does not work. The original video was apparently uploaded in 2007 as part of an Newsday editorial by Walt Handelsman.

PS I did not do the things attributed to my age group in the video – then or now, but I am on the slippery slope which aging is and I’m just trying to enjoy the ride.